Benefits for shippers

Part of cargo available earlier

Cargo that can be transported directly from Zeebrugge to its final destination is available earlier, because the ship will be discharged earlier.

Savings in tunnel charges

Containers are delivered on the right bank in the port of Antwerp, behind the locks. Trucks do not have to pass the tunnel in Antwerp anymore, saving between $34 and $46 per container.

Lower rates in additional services

Shippers will benefit from the lower rates on our reefer, storage and repair services.

Added flexibility

Shippers can choose to get their cargo delivered in either Zeebrugge or Antwerp. This provides additional flexibility and it allows shippers to optimize their supply chain.

Extra hinterland, feeder and shortsea connections

APM Terminals Zeebrugge can offer the same hinterland connections as Antwerp against comparable rates. Furthermore, shippers get access to both the Zeebrugge and Antwerp hinterland networks.

Lower carbon footprints

The extended gate reduces fuel consumption of ships, which also decreases emissions. Shippers will have a greener supply chain if emissions decrease.


Go green

The environment is an increasingly important subject for organizations, especially for retailers. There is more and more legislation on this subject and sustainability is often a part of the marketing strategy. French retailers for example, need to put a label on their productsstating the carbon footprint of these products.

1 minute <b>savings</b> calculator

1 minute savings calculator

Making an estimation of your actual savings will only take one minute of your time. You are only one mouse click away to get the result what we can save you by using our Extended Gate opposed to calling Antwerp with deepsea mainliner directly!