How we make it work

Your vessels call APM Terminals Zeebrugge instead of Antwerp. You can choose for either a Zeebrugge or Antwerp bill of lading. By calling Zeebrugge, you save 12 hours of sailing time on the river Schelde between Zeebrugge and Antwerp.

Cargo not destined for Antwerp can be transported to its final destinations directly from Zeebrugge.The costs for transport from Zeebrugge are comparable with the costs from Antwerp.

Cargo which is destined for Antwerp will be transported to our extended gate terminal in Antwerp. Cargo will be delivered on the right bank in Antwerp, behind the locks.

After cargo is discharged in Antwerp, it can be transported to its final destination.



How do we ensure reliability?

1. Reliable barges & trains

APM Terminals Zeebrugge works together with trustworthy partners to ensure reliable connections to the hinterland by train and barge. This also includes the estuary barges used for the extended gate to Antwerp. The continuous effort of both these parties has resulted in reliability percentages of 99% for both trains and barges. In the occasional event there is a problem or when your vessel is delayed, we can switch between modalities to ensure the timely delivery of containers to your clients.

2. Terminal operations

The reliability is increased further by the flexibility and high productivity of our terminal. We can solve every problem and/or delay which may occur somewhere in the supply chain due to the combination of these factors. We will do everything to ensure your customers will receive their containers in time.

3. Control over the extended gate

APM Terminals Zeebrugge keeps control over every step involved in the extended gate. This includes the barges and extended gate terminal. This way, we make sure the extended gate is very reliable.