Benefits for carriers

Add another call to your service(s)

You add another call to your service(s) without the additional costs of calling an extra port. You can extend your network even further!

Extra slow-steaming potential

You save 12 hours by sailing to Zeebrugge instead of Antwerp. This time can be used for extra slow-steaming, while you continue having the same pro forma transit times. You can slow down without the traditional downsides for shippers.

Shorter sailing Distance

You sail 136 nautical miles less per call. This means you will save bunkers, even if you don't use the gained time for slow-steaming.

Lower pilot & handling rates

Zeebrugge is a coastal port and therefore you only need a sea pilot. When you call Antwerp, you need both a seapilot and a river pilot.

Lower vessel call costs

Vessel call costs in Zeebrugge are much lower than port dues in Antwerp.

Savings in additional services

We have lower rates on our reefer, storage and repair services than the terminals in Antwerp

Lower emissions

Because fuel consumption is decreased on every round-trip, your ships will also have far lower emissions. 



Hinterland transport

If you want us to, we can organize the best method for hinterland transport to the final destination. This can either be through the extended gate in Antwerp or directly from APM Terminals Zeebrugge.



1 minute <b>savings</b> calculator

1 minute savings calculator

Making an estimation of your actual savings will only take one minute of your time. You are only one mouse click away to get the result what we can save you by using our Extended Gate opposed to calling Antwerp with deepsea mainliner directly!