Extended gate service from Zeebrugge to Antwerp

We are proud to present to you our newly inaugurated extended gate product. This product is installed to even further improve our services to carriers and shippers. We are confident that by using this service you will find huge value is added to your network.

Curious to find out more?

APM Terminals Zeebrugge offers shipping lines and shippers the possibility of calling 2 ports in 1 call. We will transport your containers by barge to Antwerp, giving you extra flexibility.


Shipping lines can cut costs by slow-steaming without the traditional disadvantages for shippers. Read how we make it work here.


There are many additional benefits from calling APM Terminals Zeebrugge, for both shipping lines and shippers. Read more about the potential benefits here.


This website is dedicated to the extended gate product. But APM Terminals Zeebrugge obviously offers much more.If you want to learn more about  all our activities we invite you to visit our homepage at www.apmterminals.be